Legendary Cocktail Recipes

Looking for something delicious to perk up your party? Then give our legendary Cocktail of The Month a try. Feel free to browse through previous Cocktail of the Month recipes for further ‘drinkspiration.’

All cocktails have been made especially for TOPS at SPAR by Barcode.  

Range of cocktails

Berry Mule

A mule with a fruity kick, featuring Bacardi white rum.

African Bishop

A South African twist on a classic 18th century hot drink using fine South African brandy to give some extra warmth to the delicious combination of ruby Port and honey, all served steaming hot.

Gin Blossom

With a delightful balance of fruity and floral flavours, the Gin Blossom is centred around the gin so be sure to use a good quality brand.


Campari gives this citrus focussed cocktail a slightly bitter but delicious edge, perfect if you are looking for a less sweet but refreshing aperitif.

La Fresa

This deceptively mild looking cocktail hides a wicked kick but is still full of the deliciously full flavours of aged rum, fresh citrus and fruity strawberries.

Indian Sunset

Turmeric gives this spicy cocktail its golden glow.

Coco Berry Cooler

A refreshing gin and coconut based cocktail for a steamy summer's day.

Tequila Old Fashioned

Usually made with whisky, this Old Fashioned gets a New World makeover with Tequila and honey.


A refreshing, long, summer cocktail crammed with mint and zesty lime.