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 Each year TOPS at SPAR hosts several events around the country. 

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Kamberg Trout Festival Celebrates 27 Years

Discover the essence of tradition and community with TOPS at SPAR, the proud main sponsor of the venerable Kamberg Trout Festival. Celebrating 27 years of angling excellence, this esteemed event stands as the oldest fly fishing co...

TOPS at SPAR Corporate Challenge Final - The Last Cast

There was no doubt that every team that made it into the final of the TOPS Corporate Challenge was there to teach the trout a few lessons and hopefully, in the process walk away with the lion’s share of the spectacular prize...

TOPS at SPAR Corporate Challenge 2023 - Leg 3

It never fails to amaze me how the prospect of a weekend of fishing gets the party started. Enthusiasm is at an all-time high and the great fishing stories of old are recounted, careful not to let the truth get in the way of a goo...

TOPS at SPAR Corporate Challenge 2023 - Leg 2

There are many factors that make a for great fly fishing event and surprisingly most of them do not revolve around the fishing. But if the trout fail to make an appearance the atmosphere after a long day on the water can get a lit...

TOPS at SPAR Corporate Challenge 2023 – Leg 1

The goal of the TOPS Corporate Challenge since inception has been to give every angler a story they can dine out on, revolving around the festivities that accompany tales of trout landed and lost.

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