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The Basics (an intro)

Turning grapes into wine involves yeast, water, time and skill. Luckily enjoying it is a much simpler process. Different types of grapes result in different kinds of wine. Here are some of South Africa’s popular choices. The posh types call them Cultivars.

cabernet-sauvignon.jpgCabernet Sauvignon 

Sip the rich combination of black cherry, blackberry with notes of spice and vanilla in a glass of Cabernet, and let the vineyards’ stories dance on your palate.
Cabernet Sauvignon, the noble grape, pairs well with a medium-rare steak, where every bite and sip bring to life the perfect setting for moments of pure elegance.

Bruce Jack Cabernet Sauvignon

Olive Brook Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon

Olive Brook Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot



In the embrace of a cozy evening by the fireplace, the gentle, lush flavour notes of a Merlot create the perfect setting for intimate conversations and cherished moments.

Pair it with grilled lamb, and watch as the wine’s elegance creates the perfect dining experience that will linger in your memory.

Bruce Jack Merlot

Olive Brook Merlot

Olive Brook Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot



Turn a cozy night by the fireplace into a sensory journey through lush vineyards, where deep, dark fruit notes dance with hints of black pepper and spices.  Shiraz, a wine as bold as the passions it ignites, finds its perfect partner in a juicy, flame-kissed steak.  

Bruce Jack Shiraz

Bruce Jack Shiraz Malbec

Olive Brook Shiraz Cabernet


sauignon-blanc.jpgSauvignon Blanc 

A delicious, dry and crisp wine that’s not easy to say but certainly easy to savour.- and like the refreshing breeze of summer, with its lively flavours that mirror a garden of green apples and cut grass – pair it with seafood for an elegant waltz on your taste buds. 

Bruce Jack Sauvignon Blanc

Bruce Jack Sauvignon Blush

Olive Brook Cape Town Sauvignon Blanc

Olive Brook Sauvignon Blanc



Discover crisp green apple notes in a wine that complements the perfect setting with a touch of buttery elegance.

Create a culinary love-affair that will transport you to palate-pleasing delight by pairing it with buttery lobster or a creamy risotto – for a match made in heaven.

Olive Brook Chardonnay


A well-crafted, sweet, fun and unforgettable cultivar that’s a reminder of the time you went on your first date. Enjoyed in a serene garden setting, with a beautiful sunset in the distance – to elevate an ordinary meal into sensory delight.  

Bruce Jack Sauvignon Blush

Olive Brook Rosé

Shortwood Rosé



Dark cherries and earthy undertones dancing on the palate like a melody from the South African soil comes the unique flavours of Pinotage. Celebrate Mzansi’s rich wine culture by pairing a good Pino with grilled game meats and a hint of smoky spice for a culinary masterpiece.

Bruce Jack Pinotage

Bruce Jack Pinotage Malbec    

Olive Brook Pinotage


chenin-blanc-1.jpgChenin Blanc

A medium bodied blend with floral and honeyed aromas. There’s nothing blank about a wine that feels like a crisp summer breeze. Perfectly pair it with roast pork, chicken Kiev, fish & chips – and toast to a blend of refreshment.

Bruce Jack Chenin Blanc

Olive Brook Chenin Blanc

Shortwood Chenin Blanc



In the golden embrace of the perfect sunset, every sip of a Moscato is a serenade to your senses, with flavours as tender as a summer’s breeze – this is a wine that knows no bounds; whether paired with spicy thai curry, koeksisters or shared with a lover under the stars, its versatility is as enchanting as its floral and peachy notes.

pinot-noir-1.jpgpinot noir

A glass of Pinot Noir thrives in a setting where its complex layers can unravel like a well-told story.

This timeless champion to fine dining is for evenings under a blanket of stars with the soft hum of jazz in the background – paired with seared duck breast, with every sip inviting you to savour life’s greatest moments.