Easy there, tiger. Before you start pouring yourself a drink, it’s important to make a few solid plans. Here are some cool ideas to give your party that extra special magic. 


An Alfresco Affair

When the climate is perfect, pay homage to the weather gods by taking your party outside.

Mexican Fiesta

Ola muchachos! We know that putting on an authentic Mexican fiesta doesn’t come naturally to us gringos. So here are a few hints to help you start a party that all your amigos will adore.

Party on a Shoestring

With the cost of living on the rise we’re all looking for a few good ways to save some extra cash. Use these tips to keep spirits high when the cash is running low.


Over 6 million people get together every year with one thing on their minds – to drink beer! Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival dedicated to celebrating the golden brew. For a devoted beer lover, a trip to the Oktoberfest is e...

A Night at the Oscars

If you love a good black tie event, why not host a party as an ode to the stars of the silver screen? Roll out the red carpet and get ready to channel old Hollywood style glamour for a ‘Night at The Oscars’ party.

Shebeen Style

What better way to celebrate your South African heritage than hosting a shebeen themed party? Get the crew over and turn your front stoep into an authentic South African scene, straight from the heart of Soweto.