An Oktoberfest themed party is all about the beer. There is a beer to suit every palate - amber ales, pale ales, milk stout and lager. It’s always fun to try something you wouldn’t ordinarily drink, so stock up on a variety of different local or imported beers. Alternatively, buy a couple of kegs and serve your favourite brewski in a large 1 litre jug, to keep things authentic.


Dress up in traditional gear to really get into the groove of things. Guys usually wear lederhosen (leather shorts), with suspenders and checkered shirts. Women can wear a colourful dirndl dress (fitting bodice and full skirt), with a white blouse and an apron. Try dropping some German phrases into the conversation to get into the spirit of things. "Ein bier, bitte,” which means “One beer, please”, and “Prost!”, meaning “Cheers!”


Beer is a fairly filling drink on its own, but there’s no doubt that a salty snack goes down a treat when enjoying an icy ale. The grub at Oktoberfest mostly consists of hearty, savoury meals. Some customary cuisine is crusty bread and pretzels, hot potato salad and German sausage (bratwurst). Serve these snacks in bite-size portions with mountains of mustard and sauerkraut on the side.