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Check out your ideal guy to see which wine might take your fancy:

Mr Adventure: Lambrusco

If you’re a sucker for any guy who tells you that he ‘took a gap year to backpack around Europe’, then you probably have a taste for the adventurous. To match your thirst for the new and unusual, you need a wine with personality and spark, like Lambrusco. It’s a chilled red that has a hint of froth and a bit of fizz (yes, a chilled, sparkling red wine). Oh, and it’s not overly sweet, so it won’t diminish your street cred.

The Bookish Guy: Malbec

Your perfect man loves books, deep debates and chilling out in front of a crackling fire? Then a nice red Malbec is your wine match. It’s easy to drink and goes down smoothly.

The Flannel-Clad Hipster: Pinot Noir

Tattoos, flannel and robust beards characterise these guys, all of which pair well with the cola and caramel-tinged Pinot Noir. It’s not too fussy and has a good dose of sexiness going for it.

The Outgoing Guy: Chardonnay

If loquacious and outgoing guys who flourish at parties and charm everyone they meet rank highest on your list, then Chardonnay is your wine. Complex yet easygoing, this white wine gets along with everybody.

The Shy, Sensitive Type: Rosé

You’re a hopeless romantic and like your guys shy and quiet with their heart on their sleeve? Rosé should be your wine of choice. It’s a tad doe-eyed with a surprising amount of depth (depending on the brand). If romance is in the air, this delightfully pink wine is a must-have.

The Boy Next Door: Pinot Grigio

What’s not to love about the reliable, boyish types (ugh, don’t we all wish we could be so practical?). If this guy gets your heart racing, then a no-nonsense Pinot Grigio is right up your alley. This complementary white wine never disappoints, pairs well with almost any meal and has a light, somewhat casual nature.

The Strong, Silent Type: Cabernet Sauvignon

A complex and stoic man pairs nicely with a complex and (somewhat) stoic wine: the Cabernet Sauvignon. While many mistake this red wine for being a ‘standard choice’, it’s actually anything but that. Underneath the Cab Sav’s unassuming exterior is quite a bit of depth. Plus, it pairs well with a good, home-cooked steak, which your strong, silent type probably makes exceptionally well.

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